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Yacon Root Extract

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Yacon is a plant that grows high in the Andes mountains in South America, but is relatively a new import to America. People native to South America have been using yacon for centuries to cook with, as it gives off a sweet flavor. The excitement around yacon root comes from recent studies that link yacon root as effective for weight loss. Since the root is a soluble fiber it helps you feel fuller faster and longer, suppressing the appetite so you aren't tempted to snack on junk foods. The weight loss from yacon root comes from the FOS (fructooligosaccharides). FOS are found in onions, garlic, asparagus and other healthy foods, but the concentration of FOS in yacon is much higher.

In addition, Yacon is loaded with antioxidants, can help reduce bad cholesterol (triglycerides), has probiotics and prebiotics to help improve liver and digestive health, and helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Healthy benefits from Yacon

* weight loss
* Reduced waistline
* Appetite is suppressed
* Higher energy levels
* Improved digestion
* Provides prebiotic and probiotic factors
* Normalized regularity
* Relief from constipation
* Healthier blood cholesterol
* Improved metabolic indicators
* Supports diabetic conditions
* Strengthens the immune system
* Supports heart health
* Supports optimum liver health

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About our Company: Ultra Herbals has been in business for over 10 years. We carry over 500 products from the industry's leading brands. Our Yacon is made in New Zealand. They employ the highest manufacturing standards and use only the finest raw materials. If you need any help call us on 0800-773-766, We also have email and LiveChat!

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Each bottle contain 60 pills
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What is in your capsules?
Our capsules contain 500mg of Yacon root extract. Take 1 or 2 capsules per day. Each bottle contains 60 pills.

How long before I start to notice any results?
You should start to notice an increase in energy levels almost straight away, and within 1 week you will notice a vast improvement in your weight and health. *

Do I need a prescription?
No. You will not need to see a doctor or medical practitioner to get a prescription. This is a Dietary Supplement. If you are on any medications or have any serious health issues check with your doctor first.

Is there any side effects?
Yacon is well tolerated by the body, however if you experience any you should stop taking immediately and consult your doctor or health care professional.